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Steps to reducing High Bood Pressure

Stress, too much salt and no exercise are  some of the major causes of High Blood Pressure and according to the World Health Organization causes up to a quarter of all deaths worldwide.

Affecting over 16 million people in the UK,  high blood pressure can be easily avoided with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Simple tips such as switching to LO Salt and increasing your exercise can make all the difference…

So take those salt shakers off the table and hop into a pair of leg warmers….okay not leg warmers no one needs do that! and see how you can reduce the risk of High Blood Pressure with our simple tips below.

1. Eat a healthy diet – You are probably sick of hearing ‘you should eat this’ or ‘not eat that’ however switching some of our foods and listening to the experts can help. Try increasing your fruit and decreasing some of those sneaky biscuit breaks.

Switching from full fat milk to heart-healthy semi-skim or 1 percent milk will provide you with calcium and Vitamin D both which work together to reduce blood pressure.

It’s not all about the green stuff or fresh fruit, if you are partial to a bit of chocolate put your hand up and shout hurrah for dark chocolate, as having a a piece a day was shown to help lower blood pressure after 18 weeks without weight gain or other adverse effects.

2. Exercise regularly – Regular exercise has been proven to lower your systolic blood pressure – the top number in a blood pressure reading — by an average of 4 to 9 millimeters of mercury.

You don’t need to run a marathon or join a gym but adding a little more physical activity into your routine can help wonders.

Now the better weather is starting to creep in (we won’t say that too loud) why not walk to work or get out in the garden? Just make sure to start slowly and build up the amount you do.

If you are not keen on outdoor activity or you don’t have a garden, investing in a Wii Fit, which covers everything from basic workouts, yoga to a more vigorous routine and what’s better you can set how long you want to do.

Got stairs in your house? Try walking up and down them a few extra times a day as part of your exercise regime -you ‘llhardly know your exercising.

3. Reduce your salt – One of the most common issues causing High Blood Pressure is high sodium which basically means too much salt in your diet.

Some foods which contain usually  high amounts of salt such as pizza, ham, crisps and pasta sauces can be easily switched to a lesser salt version.

Taking small actions such as removing the salt shaker from the table, reading the nutrition labels on the front of foods and cutting back on take-away/microwaveable foods can all help to reducing your daily amount of salt.

Tip: If you find your food tasting bland when cooking, do not add any more salt but add some herb and spices for extra flavour.

4. Stress the silent killer – In today’s modern world stress is something that nearly everyone will experience, however if left to become bigger and bigger stress can become a huge problem and not easy to deal with.

To help lower stress levels try and relax every day, do not try and reach other exexpectations of you it is OK to say ‘no’, take responsibility by saying what you can and cannot do and as the saying goes ‘count your blessings’ as going over what you do having your life can be very therapeutic.

High Blood Pressure effects nearly most families in the UK but with some of these easy steps, reducing your blood pressure can begin today.

Do you suffer from High Blood Pressure or know someone who does? What steps are you taking to reduce your blood pressure? Comment using the comments box below.

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