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Stocking Stuffers For Adults

Looking for unique and fun ideas to put in the Christmas stockings this year? UnderTheChristmasTree is here to help! as we take a look at some of our favourite stocking fillers for adults below. We were kindly sent these to review.

Lynx have brought out a range of gift sets, from the Lynx Attract for men and women to the Lynx Peace Kit and more. Lynx offer a whole range of different gift sets, sprays and shower gels which all have there own unique smell and these kits would fit just nicely into any stocking.

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You can buy Lynx gift sets at Boots.com

Look after your lips with Vaseline.  In the cold winter our lips can become very dry and chapped so why not give a Vaseline Retro Lip Tin Gift Pack. Not only does this kit have 3 different types of Vaseline in it, but these also come in a handy storage tin which is pink but it’s not just our lips that gets dry in the cold weather, so Vaseline have got us covered as they have the new Vaseline Make Up Bag Collection.

In this you get Vaseline Ruby Lips, healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream and they all come in a lovely pink make-up bag so you can easily keep these all together when your not using them. On the go? Take Vaseline’s Rosy Lip Pouch Gift Pack which will give your lips a nice Rosy tint and you can use the handy mirror to make sure it’s going on properly!

You can buy Vaseline gift sets at Boots.com

Victory Soaps from Wood-Knit-Bee are the perfect stocking filler not only are there are wide range of high quality designs to choose from including some very festive ones such as a Robin, Reindeer and Elf but there is a wide range of different scents available such as Lavender, Rose Geranium and more.

Each of these soaps have been made with Olive Oil have natural colouring and have been perfumed with only pure, aromatherapy quality essential oils.

You can buy Victory Soaps At Wood-Knit-Bee.com

Who doesn’t love to receive a comic book at Christmas? The Big Viz Book Of Adventure is ideal if you are a bit stuck on finding a present for the stocking. Featuring a huge 224 page-collection of the least-action packed magazine, this Viz comic will have you roaring with laughter as you read some of the best stories.

If you are looking for the newest Viz Annual, then The Viz Annual: The Dutch Oven is the one for you as you follow the 160’s pages which will have you in fits of laughter but please be warned, there is some swearing printed in the annual.

View the full range of The Viz at Amazon UK

Buying for a golfer? Then The Bamp is a definite must-have as this nifty little device can fit on to any size putter grip and if you are having a bit of trouble bending up and down picking up the golf ball The Bamp will be the answer you’ve been looking for as this will eliminate this problem and is a clip-on, clip off design so it can be easily removed and stored away.

You can buy The Bamp at Amazon UK

MiPow Mirror Power is the handy, portable power supply which also has a clear-make-up mirror and there is also an LED backlight so you can use the mirror in the dark. To use this you simply charge up the Mirror Power and using your original USB cable which is supported by the MiPow Mirror Power with devices as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola and more, connect the two devices together and your phone will begin to charge up – it’s as simple and easy as that!

There are many different designs available, such as red, black, lips and lipstick, yellow, stripe pattern, white and leopard. Plus this device has anti-slip and anti-fingerprint, so it will always looks clean!

You can view the full range of MiPow Power Mirror at Amazon.co.uk

Paperblanks Hummingbird 18-month diary has a beautiful design and it is bright and colourful. This 18 month diary is great if you are trying to keep a track on your busy social and work lives. Each planner has helpful material such as World time zone charts, so you can take this if your going on holiday, birthdays and important dates memo pages, extra note pages, year planner for 2016 plus you can even use it to count down the days until next Christmas!

You can view the full Paperblanks range at Amazon UK

This game will have everyone involved and laughing. Have you ever been in a situation where your really stuck for conversation with someone? The Art Of Conversation is here to help as there are over 300 fascinating and fun questions you can ask plus there are blank cards included so you can write your own questions on.

This is a great game if you have family and friends over for dinner as it will have everyone laughing and telling lots of interesting stories about their life, so never again will you be stuck for conversation.

You can buy the Art Of Conversation at Amazon UK

Lindt have brought out a whole festive chocolate for Christmas. The Lindt Bear Family, Lindt Bear Friends, Mini Gold Reindeer & Fluffy Antler – which we have to admit is our favourite comes with 5 delicious Gold reindeer and it comes complete with fluffy antlers, so not only do you get some delicious chocolate treats but you get some awesome reindeer antlers which look extremely cool – the whole office have been wearing these!

With the new Christmas party mix, you can get different flavours such as Cookie’s & Cream, Nougat, Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Brownie and there is also a Santa beard included, what more could you possible want, Chocolate and a Santa beard? That’s a 2 in 1 gift!

You can view the Lindt Lindor range at Amazon UK

Who doesn’t love Jelly Beans? The Jelly Bean Factory has a Christmas range of Jelly Beans available. These are: Gourment Jelly Beans – Red Nosed Rudolphs which are strawberry flavoured, Santa Sleigh Beans Mix – which are Christmas themed in flavour, Snowbeans which have flavours of Vanilla Ice, Merry Mint and Christmas Coconut and they all come in Christmas themed tubes.

There are 36 different jelly bean flavours available from Sour Lemon, Licorice, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Cherry, Apple to Banana Split, Caribbean Coconut, Cinnamon and many more. The Jelly Bean Factory’s jelly beans are gluten free, gelatine free, gmo free and are nut free and these are suitable for vegetarians.

You can buy the range The Jelly Bean Factory gifts at Amazon UK

Divine Chocolates have brought out new limited edition chocolate bars which are Dark Chocolate Pear and Ginger and Milk Chocolate With Spiced Toffee, we would get tucked into these straight away!

Divine Chocolates have also a Luxury Belgium Chocolate collection which has 16 smooth milk and dark chocolate with soft praline centres including raspberry caramel cream, hazelnut crisp, dark ginger praline and toffee and sea salt so there is a flavour in there to suit everyone!

You can buy Divine Chocolates at Amazon UK

Scentsicles are a brilliant idea as they give off the scent that you would get from your Christmas tree, wreath and also the scent of Cinnamon. If you get a little down about the decorations coming down, you can place these around you room and every time you walk past them you will get the smell of a Christmas tree.

The scented ornaments have around 6 sticks included in the bottle and you could even use these on your Christmas tree (if you didn’t want to give them as a stocking filler). You could place these in a wreath, garland or tree and if you have an artificial tree you will get the smell of having a real tree in your home.

You can buy Scentsicles Scented Ornaments at Amazon UK

Albumcards is brand new for 2014. With Albumcards you can buy the latest albums for your favourite artists such as Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Mumford & Sons, Michael Buble and many more but there is a twist.

When you buy your albumcard you are sent though a card with a redemption code which you redeem at albumcards and you can then listen to that album on any device, anytime,anywhere.

View and buy your favourite artists album at Albumcards.com

Godiva have a wide range of chocolate gifts, hampers and of course have a Christmas range. Godiva have brought out a 20 piece Christmas Gift box which is full of milk dark and white chocolates and truffles.

Each of these delicious chocolates are filled with a range of different centers such as caramel, almond, vanilla and also includes the Christmas themed Sujet Lait and Sujet Noir soft centres and Winter Pallet Dark which is infused with raspberry and vanilla infused Winter Pallet Milk.

The chocolates and truffles gift set comes in a beautifully packaged box with a poinsettia design on the front which has glitter to really give this a real Christmas look.

You can view the full Christmas collection at GodivaChocolates.co.uk

Bronze Ambition is the perfect way to get a tan over the Christmas period in December it’s quite unlikely that we in the UK will get very much sun and when we do it might be a little bit too cold try and sunbathe!

So why not try the next best thing and get some fake tan from Bronze Ambition who offer a range of different faking tanning products from the all important tanning mitt to mousse, cream and even a full fake tan collection.There are even travel sized bottles available so you can take this with you if you are going away for a night out etc and want to put some fake tan on.

The fake tan does not have any SPF in it so you will need a high SPF for when you venture into the sun.  You can buy these products on Bronze Ambition

Who doesn’t love a bit of Toblerone at Christmas? With their range which includes the new Dark Chocolate Toblerone which has honey & almond is made with at least 50% of Cocoa solids and is simply stunning to eat. It comes in 100g or 400g bar and is definitely one that is difficult to stop eating once you have started (we speak from experience).

This Toblerone comes in a black box 3D triangle box and is wrapped in foil which keeps it nice and fresh. Finding this in a Christmas stocking would be a real treat for anyone!

Toblerone Tablet is the slender triangle milk chocolates which has a blend of swiss chocolate,  honey and almond nougat. These come in a delightful, triangular gold pack and are perfect for sharing as these have 3 portions per bar! Plus these have a very festive ‘Merry Christmas’ message on the front.

You can buy Toblerone at Tesco

We don’t know about you but we love finding a Terry’s Chocolate orange at the bottom of our stocking but this year there is a twist on the classic as you can now get Terry’s Mini’s Popping Candy.

When you eat these you will get the familiar orange taste that you know and love but there’s a twist as when you eat these the candy starts popping in your mouth! There are lots of mini segments in the bag so these are perfect for sharing with your family and friends.

You can buy Terrys Mini Popping Candy at Tesco

What will you be buying this year to go in the Christmas stockings?  Comment below and let us know.

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