Subbuteo The Game

Subbuteo The Game has been tipped as one of the top toys for Christmas 2012. Football always has and always will be the ultimate sport for boys, and Subbuteo is the tabletop version! Subbuteo The Game has many features, some of which include;-

  • New & improved swerve, slide and balance
  • Fast moving players thanks to a brand new football pitch
  • Choice of teams & game plans
  • Available At Amazon UK

Subbuteo is one of the worlds most iconic games, and after 15 years off the shelves, subbuteo is back, with a vengeance! Subbuteo is a table top football game, which has been completely revamped to suit todays market. No longer will we have to worry about glueing players back to their base, these figures are durable and strong.  Not only has the strength of the players been changed but the pitch has been altered to ensure the players move faster than ever before.

The set comes with 20 players.  10 players wear blue and white, and 10 players wear red & white.  For the first time, there are now ten premiership league teams available including Manchester United, Chelsea & Liverpool. Also included is a set of generic football strips including black and white, red and white stripes and claret.

So once you’ve picked your team, choose your game plan and play your way to victory with Subbuteo The Game.  Most suited for children ages 8+, this toy is set to be huge this Christmas 2012.

What’s In The Box?

Here’s a list of some of the things you will find in the Subbuteo box;-

  • 20 Ballplayers
  • 22 Goal Keepers
  • 1 Pitch
  • 1 Subbuteo Ball
  • Rules

Our verdict of the Paul Lamond Subbuteo The Game is in agreement with many others, this is 100% going to be a huge seller this Christmas 2012 If its success is anything like its past success, then its set to be a huge seller long into 2013 and beyond. We love the fact you can create your own team, we love how strong the players are and  freely they move about the board. Basically, were very very happy that this is finally being released and can’t wait to watch its success at the end of the year.

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