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Super Skinny Minnie

This is Minnie Mouse as you’ve never seen her before

Our much loved Disney character has had a makeover  courtesy of Barneys, New York, who have turned her into a size zero, super skinny, cat walk model to show off their festive promotion.

Minnie has been altered and is now Super Skinny Minnie with an elongated neck and super thin pencil thick legs.

All very well for a fashion shoot but what is this telling our kids?  Personally I find it very difficult to past this creepy, emaciated model version of one of my favourite childhood characters.

Did it every cross your mind that Minnie Mouse needed slimmed down?  Nope? Nor mine!

Do you find this troubling?

Should Barney’s have left this popular kids character alone?

Do you think this is the wrong image to be conveying to kids, many who already have issues with how they look?

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