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Supermarkets Want To Let You Know It’s Christmas Time In Store

Supermarkets want to ‘let you know it’s Christmas time in stores’ as they open festive aisles full mince pies, party puddings and a whole host of chocolates!

Are you ready for a mince pie? or to dig into sweet tubs?, No?, then you should avoid some of the UK’s BIGGEST Supermarkets as stores including Tesco have opened their Christmas aisle.

The Co-Op was the first to flaunt it’s merry mince pies as they filled the shelves as early as August 29th, predicting to sell over 1.4 Million by the end of the month it’s unlikely you won’t see someone munching on some in the next few weeks.

Not falling far behind, Tesco obviously was next to follow (someone wanted Santa to put them on the good list early) as they piled their shelves and online store high with Christmas chocolates and even launched their festive aisles this week, will you be able to resist the temptation gold coloured chocolate reindeer?

Sainsbury’s started with the odd biscuit tin here and there, however the popular supermarket has now rolled out everything from stollen cakes to festive gifts sets and Xmas puds.

The switch from Summer straight into Christmas has caused loads of tinsel talk all over Social Media, however comments on Twitter seem mostly favourable about the early start and some tweeters are already stocking up on their favourite treats. One tweeter said: Is it wrong to get excited about the Christmas aisle in Tesco appearing?!

Others however are as happy as Scrooge, One user commented: @sainsburys already have Christmas puddings on display. Attention everyone else – time to run away & hide.

Tesco have been responding to some tweets stating that We like to give our customers every opportunity to get ready for Christmas.”

Although you may think the British grocery shops have stocked it’s aisle a little too fast, a poll recently revealed that one in four have already put money aside  in order to start their Xmas shopping earlier this season.

The supermarkets however were not the first to embrace the Christmas celebrations early, as Selfridges launched it’s Christmas floor at the beginning of August.

Are the supermarkets giving people what they want? Well for us we’ll probably not leave without a pack of mince pies in hand!

Are you starting Christmas preparations early?  Let us know in the comments below.

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