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Sweet ones and big fat fruity ones, it’s sweet dough week on The Great British Bake Off

Sweet ones, jammy ones and big fat fruity ones this must mean just one thing – It’s time for sweet dough week on the Great British Bake Off, let’s just make sure there are no soggy sponge ones!

In last weeks biscuit challenge, Rob was left exterminated as his Dalek creation was zapped out of the competition, but for us we simply adored Christine’s alpine clock shortbread masterpiece.

This weeks challenge is sweet dough, now already you and UnderTheChristmasTree are bursting with fruitcake and sweet dough puns however we are going to resist and let the “hole-thing” go past us..get it..hole-thing…doughnuts – OK, we’ll stop now!

Fruit loafs leave us feeling warm and Christmassy, with sultanas, orange peel and even a dash of brandy this weeks challenge will have you all thinking about the winter months ahead!

Like last years task will there be another Christmas wreath or will we feel nuttier than Santa after too many roasted chestnuts? Whatever the outcome my recipe book will be out and taking notes.

Why not leave a comment below with the link to your blog post, pictures or even ideas so we can see what you’re making!

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