Sylvanian Families Ambulance

Rush round and help the poorly animal with the sylvanian families ambulance which features:

  • Stretcher
  • Removeable Roof
  • Range Of Accessories
  • Suitable For Ages 4 -11 yrs
  • Available At Amazon UK

Sylvanian Families Ambulance

Just like every year, Sylvanian Families release brand new sets and for 2011 the must have set will be the Sylvanian Families Ambulance.

This girls  toy comes with a wheeled stretcher and stacks of other medical supplies.

Put your Sylvanian Families figure in the front seat to drive to the emergency scene and then lift the roof off of the flair Sylvanian families ambulance to treat the patients in the back.

The ambulance is always well maintained and gleaming clean and is ready to go anywhere fast when it’s required. The stretcher is on wheels with a cosy blanket to wrap around the patient.

The cupboards on this Sylvanian ambulance are always well stocked with all manner of remedies and equipment for every eventuality. This toy was voted one of the best girls toys at the toy fair this 2011.

whats in the box?

What will you find when you open your Flair Sylvanian Families Ambulance box?

  • 1 x Ambulance
  • 1 x bed on wheels
  • 3 gas bottles
  • 1 drip
  • 1 x blood pressure equipment
  • 1 x oxygen mask
  • 1 x red blanket
  • medical supplies
  • 1 x patients chart

Sylvanian Ambulance

Girls will love this addition to the sylvanian range of toys and along with others will keep them amused for hours.

It is suitable for children aged 4 to 11 years and contains 25 pieces.


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