Sylvanian Families Fans Raise Over £1000 For Charity!

Fans of Sylvanian Families managed to raise over £1000 for charity – “Toy Trust”.

The fans raised the money by auctioning pieces of Sylvanian Families art created by the fans over roughly a month. The fans themselves created pieces of art based on Sylvanian Families and showcased them in a London art gallery during half term break followed by an online auction which allowed any member of the public to bid and win the artworks.

In total, twenty five items were sold, with the highest price of one piece finishing at £300!

Peter Brown Chairman of GP Flair commented: “We are delighted to have raised such an impressive sum for our chosen charity the Toy Trust. I personally would like to thank all the artists, children and fans who created pieces of art for the exhibition, not only was it seen and enjoyed by thousands of people whilst at the Strand Gallery but it has gone on to benefit a very worthy cause.”

Congratulations to Flair for doing so well in the charity auction!

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