Sylvanian Families Motorcycle And Sidecar

George and Mildred love riding sylvania’s country lanes in the sylvanian families motorcycle and sidecar which features:

  • George
  • Mildred
  • Motorcycle and Sidecar
  • Accessories
  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Available At Amazon UK

Sylvanian Families Motorcycle & Sidecar

The Motorcycle and Sidecar is part of the eternally popular Sylvanian Families range.

The Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar, includes George and Mildred Mulberry – the racoon family grandparents, who love to ride around Sylvania’s beautiful countryside on their old fashioned motorcycle and sidecar

George always remembers to take his helmet and goggles with him so that he can see where he’s going and because it sometimes gets a bit breezy in the sidecar Mildred likes to wrap up warm before leaving home.

Motorcycle & Sidecar Information

Before heading out on one of their many rides around the Sylvanian countryside.

George always checks to ensure that his maps and books are safely stowed away in the storage space on his red motorcycle pannier and the front of the sidecar.

George and Mildred would hate to get lost and always put their maps and books safely back in their storage spaces, this way they know exactly where they are and can use them for information about the places they visit when out on one of their many trips.

The Sylvanian  Motorbike and Sidecar Includes:

  • Antique style Motorcycle and sidecar vehicle
  • Two Sylvanian Families racoon figures – George and Mildred Mulberry
  • Map and book accessories
  • Suitable for ages 4 years upwards
  • Colour – Red

Encouraging imaginative play and inspires your child to explore and enjoy the world around them. The Sylvanian Families Motorcycle and Sidecar will make a great christmas 2010 gift.

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