Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families are back! The Sylvanian families range is always a hit with girls at christmas time and are suitable for ages and up.

This year, new kids toys sets include the Sylvanian Families Royal Wedding Celebration Set, Sylvanian Families Ambulance and many more. Each of these new toy sets has a story behind them such as Sylvanian getting ready for the big day as Catherine Chocolate and William Balmoral get married! Girls will love these toys as they create brand new fun and exciting adventures with the new Sylvanian Families range.

So if you’re a fan of the Sylvanian Families then these brand new ranges will be the perfect addition to your collection!

Sylvanian Families Royal Wedding Celebration Set

Do you want your little girl to have fun on the day of the Royal Wedding? then the new royal wedding inspired Sylvanian Families Royal Wedding Collection set is perfect. Featuring William Balmoral and Catherine Chocolate, two bridesmaids, pageboy and vicar your little one will fell like she is hosting the very royal wedding!

Sylvanian Families Ambulance

Every Sylvanian Families collection needs a new addition and what better than the brand new, winner in the girl’s category at the toy fair 2011 than the Sylvanian Families Ambulance. The ambulance is always well maintained and gleaming clean. With must have accessories such as a stretcher with wheels, a cosy blanket to wrap around the patient and lots more, this Flair Sylvanian Families Ambulance is ready to go quick when it is needed.

Sylvanian Families Beekeeper and Beehive

Sylvanian Families Beekeeper and Beehive is also being released this year. Horace Honeybear loves his honey. When he was little he wanted to do nothing more than make his very own honey. Know that he is old enough he has set up his very own business producing the honey for all of Sylvania.

Sylvanian Families Oakwood Manor Toy

Do you collect sylvanian family sets? then every collector will want the sylvanian families oakwood manor as part of their collection! Featuring bedrooms, kitchen, hall and loads more the Sylvanian Families Oakwood Manor house will be a hit this 2011.

Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School

Is it time for your Sylvanian Families children to go and get an education? Well know they can at the Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School. With a large downstairs classroom which has six desks, workbooks and a blackboard, they will have everything that they need to start lessons straight away. The Berry Grove School even has a working clock and a school bell!

Sylvanian Families Highfields Farmhouse

Highfields Farmhouse is a much anticipated new release from the ever popular Sylvanian Families range.

Sylvanian Families Motorcycle & Sidecar

The Motorcycle and Sidecar, includes George and Mildred Mulberry – the racoon family grandparents who love to ride around Sylvania’s beautiful contryside on their old fashioned motorcycle.


Sylvanian Families Log Cabin

Kids of 4 and over will want to add the new Log Cabin to their Sylvanian Families collection.

With lots of space for furniture,hammocks to sleep in. This is the ideal holiday retreat for both summer and winter breaks.

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