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Dream Toys Announced For Christmas 2023

The must have toys for Christmas have been revealed!

Top 12 Dream Toys Revealed For Christmas

See what made the top 12!

Toy Retailer Association announces top 12 toys for Christmas

See what made the top 12 list this year.


Dream Toys Have Been Announced For Christmas 2019

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DreamToys unveils the top toys for Christmas 2018

DreamToys unveils the top toys for Christmas 2018

Dream Toys 2017 Have Been Announced

Dream Toys 2017 Have Been Announced

Dream Toys For 2016 Has Been Revealed – The Hottest Toys For …

Dream Toys For 2016 Has Been Revealed….

Dream Toys 2015 Revealed

The top 12 dream toys for Christmas have now been revealed, check out who made the list….


Are these the toys your kids are dreaming about?

Do you know what toys your children dream of finding under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning?  We take a look at this years official…

Dream Toys for Christmas 2013 Revealed

The Toy Retailer’s Association reveals this year’s Dream eleven toys with Vtech Innotab 3s and Flying Fairy soaring into the most wanted list. It’s that…

Dream Toys Makeover

Everyone waits until the end of October to hear all about the ‘dream toys’ of the year. The Dream Toys are basically a small group…

Dream Toys 2012 Creative this Christmas

Arts and Crafts get colourful and fun with Crayola, Hello Kitty and Play-Doh all making the TRA list for creative sets. Characters such as Hello…

Dream Toys 2012 For Games this Christmas

A take on old classics and licensed games all roll into this years TRA top games for Christmas. Get ready to dance, get frustrated and…

Dream Toys 2012 for Construction this Christmas

Lego has dominated the construction toys list but Mega Brands and others also slide on in their. As you would have already guessed LEGO has…

Dream Toys 2012 for Tech Zone this Christmas

Air Hogs, Hexbug and Attacknid make it in this years Tech Zone top toys for Christmas list. As you can expect technology based product have…

Dream Toys 2012 For Boys this Christmas

Characters such as Ben 10, Monsuno, Star Wars and Spider-Man all steal the spotlight in the selected list. As you already might have guessed its…