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Christmas Gift Review 2019: Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak by Wow! Stuff

We test out the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak by Wow! Stuff

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak to top Christmas wish lists

You know, these are really rare in the Wizarding World!

Wow Packs Snot the Zombie Backpack

Your child will surprise friends and family when they activate their Wow Packs Snot the Zombie Backpack, we know we certainly were entertained, which were…


Surely He’s Not Fired!

Richard North who is the Founder and CEO of Wow! Stuff will appear as a business expert on The Apprentice You’re Fired! Wow! Stuff were…

Dream Toys 2012 for Tech Zone this Christmas

Air Hogs, Hexbug and Attacknid make it in this years Tech Zone top toys for Christmas list. As you can expect technology based product have…

Wow Stuff Seize Counterfeit Air Swimmers

Wow Stuff seize counterfeit Air Swimmers. Fakes of the retailers toys were seized from Chefa Toys and supermarket giant Leclera as part of a toy…

Angry Birds Air Swimmers

Wow Stuff is to release a limited quantity of their new Angry Birds Air Swimmers in time for Christmas 2012. The full launch is not…