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We’d all like to take better photographs of our family, favourite moments and holidays but its usually more good luck than judgement that gives us a snap worthy of framing.

With the better weather on its way and summer holidays already booked, it’s time to dust off the camera and try to improve our photographic skills.

Are you like me – snap happy?  I always come home with hundred of pictures of people I’ve met, places visited, the family, churches the list goes on and on.  Trolling through these many snaps it’s hard to find some that are good enough for the digital frame that sits in the sitting room.

So how do we take better pictures?

If you’re taking pictures of someone try to keep your camera at their eye leve

Show off your subject better by having a plain background.

If you’re taking pictures of people on a sunny day try using your flash, it will help to keep shadows at bay.

If on a cloudy day you feel the person’s face looks a little dull again try using the flash to brighten and make them stand out

Move in closer to your subject before you take your picture you might get a pleasant surprise at the features you’ve managed to catch.

When taking a picture try firstly by centring your subject then take another with the subject off centre you might be surprised at the results

We love taking pictures of our children and at a given opportunity roll them out embarrassing the now 20’s something son and daughter with their baby pictures.

These are our memories and when taking pictures of our kids important to us that it’s good.

Getting them to stand still is always a problem; try giving them something to hold or look through, it might make them more at ease

Get down to their level; you’ll get a much better picture than when you’re leaning of the top of them.

‘Say Cheese’ doesn’t really cut it with kids nowadays.  Use your imagination to make them laugh, make a funny face, sing a funny song get them to say silly sausages – it always made my lot laugh.

We all think we’ll remember all about our children as they grow, but memories fade and we forget how cute her chubby little hands were, how red his/her face went when in a tantrum – get in close and get some real pictures for your album.

With digital camera’s we can take loads and loads of pictures so get snap happy and keep taking those pictures – even if they are slightly out of focus – we will still look back at them fondly.

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