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Take a sneak peek at Christmas 2015’s decoration trends

How will we be decorating our home this Christmas? Will the traditional, classic style still outweigh the new minimalist, modern look?

Christmas Trends


Christmas 2014 saw us step into a white frosty woodland theme with white lights the most popular to light up our Christmas trees. Tying in with the woodland theme we saw an increase in the popularity of woodland animal decorations including squirrels and owls.

We asked Paula Hall from Deck The Halls & Wit With Wisdom, for her take on Christmas 2015 trends and she said: “This year we move deeper into the forest to the kingdom of the white witch, fur and woodland themes are still strong, but contrast now with coppers, hammered like armour and softened with crystal and soft blues to warm up our Christmas decor.

There is a strong organic feel of mixing raw materials such as copper and wood, reflecting the move to warmer, more natural interior colours. Variety of texture is almost more important than colour. Our own collection reflects this with the move away from classic reds to greys and soft blues.

All in all I think the move towards more luxurious but natural looks may reflect the more positive feel to the economy and our desire to buy quality and artisan goods rather than quantity.”
From those we’ve already spoken too it would appear that the traditional theme is most likely to continue into Christmas 2015 and Nicola Watson from Melody Maison Ltd kindly sent us her thoughts on this year’s theme.

Nicola said: “A traditional theme, using wicker goods, is on the cards for Christmas this year! The ‘country cottage and crinolines’ feel is tempered with some more modern pieces that I can decorate with holly and ivy from the hedgerows, and some of our period ribbons and lights.”

Keeping it natural and incorporating Eco-friendly natural materials is also on the cards for 2015 so we asked Rachel Doran, founder of elsieandfleur, what trends she expects to see in our home this year.

Rachel said: “We expect to see people keeping it natural this Christmas. Using wood and Eco-friendly, natural materials. Woodland creatures will be popular decorations again this year. Perfect for a rustic Christmas settings, so don’t be surprised to see a variety of owl, rabbit, fox and deer ornaments.

“Products made from driftwood will also be on people’s Christmas list such as wreaths and Christmas trees. We expect people to be bring the outside in and create homemade decorations for the woodland theme with pine cones and holly.

In contrast to this we anticipated that contemporary colourful decorations using stained glass will be all the rage too. Bright red, which is one of the quintessential colours of the festive season, will still be key but within this theme used with all the colours of the rainbow. Bright and bold and simple will be effective.”

So how will you decorate your home this Christmas? With the increase in the popularity of crafting will you and your family make 2015 a ‘homemade’ Christmas? Comment below and let us know!

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