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Take That For Christmas?

Take That are expected to be releasing a new album just in time for Christmas 2014!

Gary Barlow made an appearance on Alan Carr’s ‘Chatty Man’ on Friday 28th March and left fans at the edge of their seats after announcing Take That are working on new material and are hoping to release their new album in time for xmas.

Ontop of this he also revealed some information about a possible return for Robbie Williams.  Perhaps the glass of red wine he drank in one was making him a little bit more forthcoming?

Mr Barlow revealed that it is possible that Robbie could return to the band for the album however also mentioned that he has a deadline if he does wish to return – May to be exact.

Despite the deadline, Gary also revealed that regardless of the decision Robbie makes, the band will continue to work with him and Robbie will likely contribute to some material with the band as it is obvious the lads are all the best of friends.

With this being released in time for Christmas, the question remains, will Take That be producing a Christmas song? We can but hope!

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