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Taste N Fun Frosty Fruit

As kids, we used to love using ice cream makers or slushy makers to make us feel like chef’s and make lots of mess without using any dangerous equipment.  Nowadays, technology has moved on a lot and toys such as the Taste N Fun Frosty Fruit are available.

The Taste ‘N Fun Frosty Fruit is designed to let children make their own fruit sorbets simply by using frozen fruit and this machine.

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The machine works very simply. Remove the cap and place your sliced frozen fruit into the frosty fruit area before placing the cap back on top of it. Simply turn the brightly coloured large handle to watch the magic happen as the Frosty Fruit turns the fruit into a delicious sorbet which will be dispensed through the purple funnel at the front of the machine, into the three cups that are provided.

You can experiment with different fruits to make different flavours and keep your children entertained at the same time as enjoying a healthy fruit sorbet.

Our favourite combinations include Strawberry & Banana, Kiwi and Guava and Apple & Pear.

The Taste n Fun Frosty Fruit is available at Amazon UK for £19.99. The game is suitable for children aged 5+ and batteries are not required.

We would love to hear what fruity combinations you’ve been loving in the comments below.

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