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Taste, See And Feel The Difference This Christmas With Sainsburys

Can you taste, see and feel the difference with Sainsburys this Christmas? UnderTheChristmasTree went to Sainsburys to find out.

Christmas  in the supermarket can be a bit of a challenging time. The kids running around excited as the big day draws closer, sometimes the products you are looking for are not in stock or the staff can be a bit unhelpful.

We are very pleased to say that when going to Sainsbury’s none of this was a problem. The staff were so helpful and friendly,  nothing was a problem for them and when we  couldn’t find a product they were more than happy to go and find it for us.  If all the staff were rushed off their feet, then all you have to do is head on over to the customer services department and tell them what you are looking for.   They are extremely helpful and will locate the item for you and tell you exactly which aisle you will find it in – so no more searching the entire store just to find it was in the first aisle you checked.

UnderTheChristmasTree headed on over to a few different areas in the store. Firstly we went to customer services, the staff there were more than helpful and were keen to help us find what we were looking for. After that it was off to the cheese deli counter to pick up a selection of different cheeses. Again, nothing was a hassle and they couldn’t have been more pleasant and helpful, we were even given small samples of each piece of cheese to try.  Mmm, as a cheese fan I can tell you they were delicious. The cheeses we picked up were all Sainburys own products:


Goats Cheese Log was first on the list. This particular cheese has a lovely creamy taste but is not over powering.  It is a decent size and would go great with Sainsburys Taste The Difference Biscuit Selection. Next was Vintage Gouda, this cheese does have quite a strong taste but does have a smooth texture to it, it has a  hard black skin over it – which you don’t eat and is a strong orange colour. The skin itself its quite tough to cut through but it is definitely worth the effort!

The Farmhouse Cheddar cheese was next to be collected, it has everything you would expect a cheddar to be, great taste, good looks  but doesn’t give off a strong smell, (exactly what Mandy is looking for in a man!) This cheese would be great eaten with Sainsburys Taste The Difference Black Onion Seed Biscuits and Taste The Difference Cornish Sea Salt & Black Pepper Biscuits for cheese.

Blue Stilton is always a favourite of mine and we can see this particular cheese making an appearance in a few cheese hampers this year. It has been matured to give a rich, creamy texture with a smooth blue flavour. The last cheese is Brie Pays, Brie is soft to touch and is exactly what you would want from a soft French cheese, not only can you eat this with biscuits but you can even cook with Brie, as many chefs such as Lorraine Pascale use this in some of their recipes.

To add to the flavour of the cheese and biscuits, we added some Taste The Difference Caramelized Onion to our list. You can smell it when you pick up the jar, it smells and tastes amazing and had my mouth watering.  It’s sweet but still retains it’s  tangy taste, so that it isn’t to sweet.  To top off our visit we were told by Sainburys that these Cheeses will all be included in a Cheese And Wine Hamper Gift Set which comes nicely packaged  in a wicker basket.


We headed on over to the savoury department – we knew that it if we were to host the perfect Christmas party we were going to need party food!  So what did we pick up? First in to the trolley was a bag of Lightly Salted Handcooked Crisps which at 150g  gives  a fairly large bowl of crisps. Next we added in the Festive Snack Pack, there are 3 different kinds of snacks included in the pack – Smokey Bacon Stars, Sweets & Salty Trees and Spicy Chilli Twists, not only are they festive in shape but they would look great on a party table.

Next we headed over  to the sweet section and we have to say that there was loads to choose from, but we were good, and only picked up one box of chocolates. These were Taste The Difference Belgian Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels which come presented in a round gold colour box. These chocolates are very elegant and are the perfect size to pick up when passing the food table, plus they have a dusting of bronze shimmer powder to give a real Christmas look.

Last on the list was a  Christmas Cake and a Christmas Pudding. If you don’t have time to make your own cake, don’t worry as Sainburys have got it covered with their Taste The Difference Noel Iced Rich Fruit Cake with Cognac. The cake is loaded with raisins, sultanas, cherries and split almonds and has been infused with Cognac for a rich festive flavour and iced with royal icing which has been decorated with the work ‘NOEL’ in gold as well as other Christmas decorations on it, all finished off with a gold ribbon around the cake.

The Christmas Pudding is not just a normal pudding, it is Orange and Cranberry Christmas Pudding with Cognac. The pudding is filled with sultanas, cranberries and zesty orange, plus cranberry marmalade, a dash of stout, Orange Liqueur and Cognac. The pudding is light, moist to eat and is a great addition to the Christmas food shop.


Last but definitely not least is the Wine and Sherry. Instead of getting 3 separate bottles of wine we got Sainburys House Sauvingnon Blanc White Wine box. It is value for money as buying 3 bottles of wines can be quite costly but this box of wine cost around £12.50. It is crisp and delicate in taste and is easy to store away and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Taste The Difference Amontillado Sherry is everything you could want from a Sherry, it is rich in taste, smooth to drink and gives you that Christmas/Festive feeling.

What will you be buying for your Christmas table this year? Comment below and let us know.

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