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Tatty Teddy Tops John Lewis Top 10!

If we were Worlds Apart, we would be majorly excited to hear that the Tatty Teddy topped the John Lewis top 10 new toys for the upcoming season.

Tatty Teddy and Blue Nose Friends have managed to get to the top of the official top 10 new toys for Autumn from John Lewis, racing ahead of popular toys such as Moshi Monsters. The John Lewis consumer catalogue has the featured article, which states;

“With their light grey fur, white snouts and cute blue noses Tatty Teddy bears are adorable – and very collectable. Young fans can now recreate their world, with several pocket-sized animals to amass, and a delightful Heart House they can all live in.”

World’s apart are thrilled to have made this accomplishment. Lucy Wynn Jones, head of licensing at Worlds Apart says;-

“We are thrilled that John Lewis has given our range this very early recognition. Initial feedback from retailers is extremely positive.  It appears this range is really starting to capture little girls’ imaginations and with new developments in the pipeline, we are confident it will become a perennial favourite over time.”

We here at Underthechristmastree.co.uk have loved tatty teddies for a long time and are certain this will have a great effect on Worlds Apart and their future success.

Will Santa be placing Tatty Teddy under your Christmas tree this year?

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