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Teaching Your Child to Swim

Understanding the difficulties kids experience when learning to swim will help make teaching them much easier and more productive.

Take time to put yourself in their shoes (or water wings) and you will start to realize the difficulties they face.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to work out how you breathe whilst swimming or how to keep afloat when you have so little buoyancy.

Having fun and playing is how kids learn, so it figures that by making swimming fun for you’re child the more they’ll enjoy it and the quicker they’ll learn.

If they are a bit afraid of the water get them to practice kicking and arm movements on dry land and take the pressure of staying afloat out of the equation.

Get the basics out of the way first –  that also includes putting their heads underwater.  Again turn this into a game, get your child to put their head under water and say something to them – can they tell you what it is?

Take it slowly

  • Before getting into the pool describe what you will be teaching today
  • As you both get into the water demonstrate what you described.
  • Begin by going over the skills they learned at their last visit.
  • Combine the new skill with those they are already comfortable with
  • Learning one new skill at a time is sufficient for most children.
  • Make sure to practice new skills and repeat until they are comfortable with them.
  • Praise his/her effort

Things you should never do when teaching a child to swim

  • Don’t’ throw them into the water
  • Never force them into water – take time and talk them through it.
  • Learning to swim is a scary thing for kids – don’t make them feel foolish when they’re afraid.
  • Don’t shout at them
  • Don’t expect them to learn quickly – teaching kids to swim takes time and patience
  • Don’t get out of the pool and leave them even for a few seconds, children can drown in twenty seconds.  Always make sure they are out of the pool before you leave.

Teaching your child how to swim can be a rewarding and fun experience for both of you and may one day save their life.

Swimming is more than just fun; it’s also a great exercise. Messing around in the water can help strengthen their lungs and heart.

Ideal as an individual activity swimming is also great fun as a team sport.  It’s also a great activity that all the family can enjoy.

Can your child swim? what were your technique’s?  Comment and share your ideas with others below.

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