Teacup Piggies Goldie

Your Goldie Teacup Piggies has over 25 different phrases and has many features including;-

  • Goldie teacup Piggy
  • Black Cup
  • Feed Her With Her Bottle While She Says Over 25 Different Phrases
  • Available At Amazon UK

Teacup Piggies Goldie

Teacup Piggies Goldie will be your new best friend! This cute interactive toy must have, talks, laughs and oinks when you press her nose. She is of course a golden colour and comes with her very own teacup which is black with a picture of blue trainers on the front of it.

Your Goldie Teacup Piggies has over 25 different phrases and when you lay her on her side, they go to sleep and the gently snore! She also has a bottle so that you can feed her and you will hear her drinking as well!

This toy is suitable for ages 6 years and up.

whats in the box?

Below is a list of what you will find in the teacup piggies goldie box when it arrives

    • 1 x teacup goldie
    • 1 x teacup
    • 1 x feeding bottle
    • 1 x birth certificate

Teacup Piggies Goldie Reviews

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