Teksta Robotic Puppy

Teksta are robotic puppies that react to your voice as well as your hand gestures and feature:

    • Available in pink and blue
    • Robotic puppy
    • Requires batteries
    • Suitable for age 5+

Available from Amazon here

Turn on your robotic pup by using the switch under their belly and they will automatically begin to sense what is going on around them. They may even show you their party trick – a back flip.

Yelling or Clapping may result in them barking, whining, yelping or crying which the do when they are unhappy or startled.

Just like a real dog they need your attention to keep them happy, pat their head or talk to them and they will react by moving their ears or wagging their tail. You will need to feed your puppy at least once a day;  as you feed them watch their bone light up.  They like food, so you can feed them more often if you wish.

Like a real puppy Teksta gets unhappy, especially if they are left alone and you may well hear crying or moaning and their ears will be down. Cheer your puppy up by playing with its favourite toy – the ball. If you leave Teksta for a very long time they may growl at you until you play with them again.

Move your hand down in front of their face and they will reward you by showing you their sitting trick.

As it gets closer to his bedtime their eyes start to close and they start to snore as their eyes shut off.  If it’s not time to sleep then wake them up by touching or talking to your puppy. Try not to give your robotic puppy a fright or they will bark or cry.

All puppies love to examine everything around them Teksta is no different and if you press something against their nose they will sniff it.

      • Available in both pink and blue
      • Works with ipad and iphone
      • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
      • bone batteries required LR44 (AG13) included
      • Suitable for age 5 and over
      • over 100 physical and interactive play features
      • Bone and ball accessories included

Teksta the life like robotic puppy which responds to your voice and gestures will be among 2013’s most wanted toys this Christmas.

Send a letter off to Santa as soon as you can if this is likely to be on a Christmas list and advise him to put a name on one quickly as this won’t stay on the shelves for long.

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