Terry Turtle

Due to such high demand, Terry Turtle is no longer available! Go to our home page to view more toys!

Adult Toy..

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Terry Turtle : WARNING this cute looking Turtle .. is extremely offensive. Terry Turtle is the rudest turtle on the planet but so much fun.

However, we would hate anyone to be offended by his extremely rude remarks when ever anyone walks by.

Terry Turtle is a motion activated, swearing turtle. He’s a dysfunctional swearing amphibian with no sense of surroundings or company – Terry Turtle has no shame.

No Longer Available

What Does He Do?

Terry Turtle has a serious problem. Terry Turtle just can’t help himself. As hard as he tries to keep them in the curse words, whistles, and chirps keep slipping out and Terry Turtle frankly does not give a ****.

As you walk by, or move in front of him he comes out with one of 25 horrific bouts of swearing! And this isn’t any normal swearing, this is as dirty, obscene and nasty as one would hear in the back street of the worst part of town- no – actually it’s even worse than that!

Terry Turtle is completely obscene in every way, all hidden in a semi-innocent looking turtle. He comes with 2 modes in case you want to try him out in public – PC mode, and totally obscene.

To top it off Terry Turtle moves his head and arms in time with his swearing!

Rapidly becoming a phenomenon, Terry Turtle even has his own website and facebook profile –!

Be aware the site is offensive so if you do not like swearing and other rude comments the do not go onto it. Terry Turtle was the boys toy christmas gift of 2008/2009 and will be again for Christmas 2010


  • Terry Turtle

: Please note this Terry Turtle is NOT a child’s toy. It is for adults only.

  • Terry Turtle

: Motion and switch activated swearing toy turtle

  • Terry Turtle

: Head pops up and arms move from side-to-side when delivering expletives

  • Terry Turtle

: Choice of three settings – motion activated, switch activated, and ‘always on’ random mode

  • Terry Turtle

: Batteries not included

  • Terry Turtle

: 25 unique outbursts – each COMPLETELY inappropriate.

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