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Tesco Defends Christmas Advert!

Christmas was four months ago but of course it is still  firmly on our minds and it seems to be on Tesco’s minds too, after they publicly defend its Christmas advert.


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Tesco was accused by much of the public of not having an adequate advertisement. Tesco’s adverts included Ruth Jones and Ben Miller as they dashed around the store finding everything they needed and another advertisement shows a humorous way of promoting Tesco’s price match.

Many of Tesco’s competitors featured heart warming scenes and who can forget Aldi’s hilarious short ads? Many felt Tesco’s adverts were not ‘funny’ enough and lacked any real Christmas spirit.

Tesco CCO Robin Terrell said:

“Humour is an interesting medium, because it doesn’t work for everyone – everyone doesn’t find the same things funny. So we’ve learnt some things around that – it does polarise some opinion. But also, it really cut through, and we had some executions that worked really well in terms of both intention to shop at Tesco, and driving the brand in the way we wanted.”

Despite some critique, it seems sales were only affected positively as it saw a sales growth of 0.9% in it’s 4th quarter.

It seems like Tesco has had the last laugh! (See what we did there?)

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