Tesco Showcase Christmas Products With 110 Days To Go!

With only 110 days to go until Christmas, we here at believe that Christmas cannot come soon enough, seems like tesco agree with us as it is announced on the twittersphere that Tesco is already showcasing their Christmas products with two of their aisles being filled with Christmas themed confectionery.

However, not everyone is as happy about Tesco doing this as we are. Some people have shared their thoughts on Twitter and other social media platforms, that it is simply too early for Christmas, and Tesco should have waited until after Halloween to do this.

The idea being, that Santa can start preparing early for Christmas so he can spread the ‘load’ before Christmas arrives! Tesco was simply trying to help Santa and his little helpers to make it easier on him and the North Pole

It seems some parents think that the sight of Christmas is too exciting for their children and has added pressure onto them.

What do you think? is it too early? Or are you already thinking about Christmas? Vote in the poll or send us your comments below!

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