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The 1930’s Home

The 1930’s saw a boom in house building, everyone wanted to own their own home and around the country new suburban developments began to appear. Houses tended to beĀ  semi-detached and owned rather than rented.

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Gone were the huge rooms today’s families wanted an up to date family house with a lounge, dining room, kitchen and three bedrooms.Internal plumbing was an essential requirement, although it wasn’t until the 70’s that all homes in the UK had internal toilets and space for the new washing machine which had just arrived on the market as well as a garage.

Red brick and pebble dash Mock Tudor houses were the most popular style but a new much more modern style began to take over. House styles began to follow that of the Europeans, becoming plain and streamlined.

As mortgages became more readily available the newly married couple set up their own dream home and thanks to the introduction of hire-purchase they could now fill it with all the new labour saving devices that had appeared on the market.

The 30’s was a time of keeping up with ‘the Jones’ and the latest in home styling could be found in popular lifestyle magazines such as Good Housekeeping. Carpets were the order of the day for the living room and linoleum for the kitchen.

Hollywood had a major influence in house design and bungalows decked out in bright light colours became the house of choice for the modern couple. Art Deco style furnishings became more affordable and this look was reflected in wallpapers and soft furnishings.

It was during the 30’s that the three piece suite was invented. Comprising of either a two or three seater setteee and two armchairs. Display cabinets were the ideal way to show off your best china and modern ornaments and windows were large to let in as much light and air to the room as possible.

Although in 1932 unemployment had risen to 3.5 million, more ‘dream homes’ were constructed than in any other decade and many became first time home owners and for many, having a plumbed in bath and toilet indoors was the ultimate in luxury.

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