The Adventures of TinTin

Tintin and his trusty companion Snowy are back for another exciting adventure! He finds himself in a sticky situation after buying what looked like an ordinary three masted ship called the Unicorn but when it accidentally gets broken he realises his ship has a hidden scroll inside! He soon learns that there are a further three models of the Unicorn each having a hidden scroll which may lead him to the Sunken Unicorn and its Treasure. Will Tintin and the incompetent detectives Thomson and Thomson find these scrolls or will they be thwarted by the evil Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine.

If you were a fan of the comic books and movie then you will love the new The Adventures of TinTin Toys which have been released for 2011. These toys will include all your favourite characters such as tintin, snowy, the doubtful Thomas and Thomas and the dangerous Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine plus many more.

The Adventures of TinTin Toys have been based on the fun and hugely popular movie which was directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Help Tintin and Snowy on their exciting and Dangerous adventures!

Tintin Collectors Set

Jet into the world of Tintin with the new collectors toys The Adventures of Tintin – Tintin Collectors Set. This fantastic set includes 9 minifigures.

Tintin Collectors Tube

The new Plastoy the Adventures of Tintin – Tintin Collectors Tube comes with your loved characters from the movie and comics.

Snowy and Tintin Figure Set

Collectors and fans of Tin Tin will love this new Plastoy the Adventures of Tintin – Tintin and Snowy Figure Set which includes tintin and snowy figures!

Tintin and Captain Haddock Figure Set

Remake the famous scenes between Tintin and Captain Haddock with Tintin and Captain Haddock Figure Set. You will also receive five more replica set.

Tintin and Motorbike Set

Ride off into another exciting adventure with Tin Tin! Plastoy the Adventures of Tintin – Tintin and Motorbike Set includes the famous motorbike!

Meccano Unicorn Ship

Re-create the most famous ship around the Unicorn ship! With Meccano Tintin Unicorn Ship Model Toy you can help him on his way to finding out the secrets!

Meccano Seaplane

Featuring over 300 building pieces the new Meccano Tintin Seaplane construction toy will let you relive some of the exciting adventure that Tintin goes on.

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