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The Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships… Yes, Really!

There are many world championships out there – strongest man, strongest women, darts, football and even singing but one thing we didn’t expect to hear about this morning when we arrived at work, was the Christmas Tree Throwing World Championships… Yes, really!

The Christmas Tree throwing world championships were held in Germany in a town called Weidenthal on Sunday 4th january 2015.

In the championship, contestants are required to complete three throwing types – Hammer style, High jump style and Javelin style.

In the end there could only be one winner – Hubert Bielenbach was the winner for 2015 after competing against strong contenders.

To view the championship, click play on the video below!

We didn’t ever expect to find a Christmas Tree Throwing world championship, but we’re glad we did! a great, sporty way to reuse your old Christmas Tree’s from over the festive season.

We can’t help but wonder where they train for the championship? is there a Christmas Tree gym?

Will you be taking part in the championships in 2016? Comment below and let us know.

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