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The Day of The Doctor Is Nearly Upon Us – Are You ready?

Excitment is growing as Dr Who’s 50th Anniversary episode will hit our screens this Saturday  the 23rd of November.

It will one of the biggest celebrations UK television has seen and the episode named ‘The Day of The Doctor’ is set to go back to an argument from around half its lifetime ago – talk about holding a grudge!

Have you got your tardis polished up and ready?  Take a look at our Dr Who 50th Anniversary Gift Guide below:

Dedicated fans, already wishing they had a time machine so they could watch this episode first, will see the return of some old favourites in the 50th anniversary episode including David Tennant and as a guest John Hurt.

Will each time lord have their screwdriver at the ready for battle? One thing we know for sure is David Tennant won’t let any pesky rabbit get in his road.

Paying homage to past and present time lords, this will be one of Matt Smiths last epiosdes as a new Doctor will be taking his place Peter Capaldi after the Christmas episode.

The 50th anniversary episode will air at 7.50pm on 23 November. It is going to be broadcast as part of a worldwide simulcast in over 75 countries.

You will be able to watch this in cinemas, television and in 3D – wait a Dalek in 3d… Are you already hiding behind the sofa?

Any Dr Who fan will love the selection of Christmas gifts above, plus with the Christmad Day episode right around the corner they could feel like they are the Dr himself!

Will you be watching The Day Of The Doctor 50th anniversary episode? Tell us  your thoughts below.

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