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The Entertainer launches 90 minute delivery

Toy store The Entertainer launched 90 minutes super fast delivery with Shutl.

‘I want that toy today’ or ‘can I have that now’ are these all familiar phrases when kids are moaning that they don’t want to wait for delivery on their new toy?

Have you ever been caught out on a friend’s little ones birthday? or even just get last minute notification on the actual day? The Entertainer has solved all of our problems for £7.99

Teaming up with Shutl The Entertainer has promised us new, rocket powered delivery from your local store to a home or work address in just 90 minutes!

So how does this super fast delivery work:

  • Get a quote for the price and time of Shutl delivery in the checkout
  • Accept the quote and pay for your order like normal
  • You’ll get an email telling you Shutl are on their way
  • Shutl’s courier will race to your nearest store, collect your order and deliver it to you as fast as they can

To find out if Shutl is available to you just fill your shopping basket up, head to the checkout and select the Shutl option. You will then be asked for your postcode and The Entertainer will work out if if this service is available in your area.

So no more ‘I forgot to get a present’ or ‘I needed that for today’ stress.

Will you use the Shutl service? and do you think it will come in handy? Comment using our comments box below.

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