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The Greatest Movie Ever Assembled

Ready for assembly in February 2014 this is being billed as “first-ever, full-length theatrical Lego adventure.”

Follow the story of Emmet, (who will be voiced by Chris Pratt) an ordinary Lego minifigure that’s mistakenly identified as a master builder and is enlisted to help save the world alongside other superheroes.

His mission is to take down an evil tyrant who aims to glue the universe together – only in a Lego movie would this even seem possible!

Although reluctant to take part in this task, Emmet feels that this adventure may be just what he needs to change his life and sets out to complete his mission.

This Warner Brothers movie features loads of lego superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Michelangelo (the turtle).

Joining Chris Pratt among the voice cast will be Will Ferrell who plays villain President Business, Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius a god like character, Liam Neeson as Bad Cop as well as the vocal talents of Elizabeth Banks, Nick Offerman and Alison Brie.

Will Emmet, our ordinary Lego builder, save the Lego world? You’ll have to wait until 7th February 2014 to find out.

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