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Just like Gollum and his “My Precious” the new range of The Hobbit Toys are going to have us so obsessed we would go through evil lands and even battle goblins, orcs and giant spiders just to get our hands on these new hobbit toys – okay maybe not the giant spiders!

Based on the book written by J.R.Tolkien The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey is the latest film to be directed by Peter Jackson and is to hit UK cinemas on the 14th of December. The prequel to the fantastic Lord of the Rings film The Hobbit will see Bilbo Baggins beginning his first adventure into a quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug. Joined by wizard Gandalf the Grey and thirteen dwarves which are led by the notorious warrior Thorin Oakenshield delve into the realms of the unknown.

The Hobbit Toys are to be based around the movie which is being made into 2 parts (An Unexpected Journey & There & Back Again) and already there are rumors of new Lego The Hobbit sets, 12″ figures,9 inch models, a video game and more in autumn 2012. Before all of this Lego Lord of the Rings sets and minifigures will be released which are likely to be a huge hit for kids toys.

What The Hobbit Toys to expect this 2012?

If you are a fan of this franchise then you will love The Hobbit toys as you can become a real-life hero and take part on these exciting journeys. To start there will be a range of basic action figures, beast packs and also some collectible figures which are most likely to be of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo (as he appears in the film), Thorin Okenshield, Gollum and more.

Defeat the evil and horrible orcs, shapeshifters, sorcerers and goblins with the sting sword or the Orcrist Sword, a Dwarven Battle Axe, and a Deluxe Sting Sword that features a blue glow just like in the film!

Lego the hobbit sets will be based on epic scenes from the movie (An Unexpected Journey) and will feature our favourite characters as lego hobbit minifigures. Already speculation of a Bag End lego set has been talked about – we wonder if Gandalf and Bilbo minifigures will be in this set?

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A new the hobbit video game has already been announced at the moment no details have been announced if this will be available on the Wii, Kinect or PS3 yet, however we do know this will be released before the film.

The Hobbit Trailer – Official Movie Trailer

Here is the Official The Hobbit trailer – An Unexpected Journey. this will be what The hobbit movie toys will be based on.

Rumours and Other News on Lego The Hobbit

As this brilliant film is being split into two parts the first- An Unexpected Journey and part two The Hobbit There and Back again Lego have been given the rights to create toys on both of these films but we wont see lego the hobbit there and back again toys until 2013.

As previously mention new Lord of the Rings Lego sets are to be announced in June 2012 we will keep you up-to-date with all the latest toys, prices and reviews for the LOTR lego sets.

Latest News on The Hobbit Toy

Today at the annual ToyMaster fair at Harrogate in London Vivid Imaginations announced that the new range of play-sets, action figures, mini collectables,  vehicles, role-play sets and games will be available in October 2012. This comes after speculation that these toys would not be released until the start of 2013 but just as we at UndertheChristmasTree predicted these will be released in Autumn/Winter this year!

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