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The Magic of a Children’s Christmas Party by Ellie Kelly

Ellie Kelly who owns Buttons Children’s Parties website has given us, and our readers, advice on how to throw the ultimate Children’s Christmas party and what to remember when you are planning one.

The Magic of a Children’s Christmas Party by Ellie Kelly:

“Christmas is, in my eyes, the most magical time of year. It only comes around once a year and although the same can be said for your birthday, Christmas is a time when everyone gets presents! Everyone being excited about the same thing at the same time brings about a feeling of pure excitement and joy.

I have worked in the children entertainment industry for 6 years now and I can definitely say that Christmas time is my favourite working season (it even beats the summer days spent playing the gardens and parks) because of the magic and excitement that fills everyone up.

It is also the only time you will find me or the Buttons team dressed up. For a few weeks a year we have no problem pulling on our pointed shoes with bells on the end and painting red rosy cheeks on each other. It’s also the time of year when lots of parents join in the fun and make a festive effort at parties. Be it Fairy wings, Santa’s hats or elves shoes everyone loves to make the extra bit of effort to bring a smile to the children’s faces.

At Christmas we host both Christmas themed birthday parties, family parties and parties for corporate companies who have invited all the staff children to the office for a few hours of magical fun. We approach the three different types of parties in different ways but with either the secret to a fantastic children’s Christmas party is…Magic.

The magic comes from the anticipation, the traditions and rituals, smiles on children’s faces, building snowmen, the questions about Santa and the reindeer, the job of ‘having’ to tell them all the lovely white lies and stories, picking the Christmas tree….oh the list could go on and on.

The best way to build the excitement from the start is an amazing party invitation. How about a hand written scroll from Santa wrapped around a candy cane. Or a Snow globe with a secret message inside from the elves, you could even write the invite on a snowflake balloon that the guests need to blow up to read.

Now you have built the excitement it’s a great idea to have something that the children can do or create before the party. If it’s a birthday party then get the birthday boy or girl to help make decorations for the party room or write out name stickers for the guest. If they are guests at a friend’s party or your work party then they could make a Christmas hat to wear and plan a festive outfit.

The majority of children love to dress up so why not make your party fancy dress with a prize for the best outfit at the end. I think it’s nice if the winner gets a prize like a Christmas story book and then the rest of the children to get a little something as well such as sweetie. Well it’ is a party after all!

We love traditional games hear at Buttons and Santa’s Bopping Bottoms (musical bumps) is always a massive hit! We also include a Christmas themed magic trick and lots of dancing and singing. If you’re planning your party games always include some games the children will already be familiar with such as musical statues and pass the parcel. Dancing competitions to festive songs are also great with Christmas sticker prizes for the best moves.

When it comes to a theme for the party you can of course stick with tradition and have a Christmas themed party with Santa, elves, lots of red and gold, baubles and mince pies but there are tons of other options as well. You could pick a Winter Wonderland themed party, think white glitter, fairy lights, polar bears and snowflakes. Last year we hosted a winter fairy themed party which was lovely with hints of lilac and green along the white snowflakes and silver accessories. Then of course there is the Grinch party if you’re feeling mischievous and a Candy Land themed party for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Whatever theme you pick and games you plan to play a nice time plan for a party is two hours with a break in the middle for party food or a drinks stop. Some great party food options this time of year are warm sausage rolls, reindeer shaped sandwiches, star cookies and glittery cupcakes. Yum!”

Happy partying everyone
Ellie 🙂

A huge Thank You to Ellie who was kind enough to give us her knowledge on this fun subject and we couldn’t agree more – Christmas is  our favourite time of the year too.

To contact Ellie and her fabulous team please visit:
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07743 896987

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