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The Magic of Metallic Paint

If like us every year you like to give your home a makeover, with new throws,  curtains, cushions and of course a good coat of paint.We were kindly sent these to review.

As Christmas has now passed, many of us will want to give our home a fresh Spring feel and look, as if it has been decorated by a professional.

Have you ever thought of metalic paint for  your room? We certainly had not, mostly because we were a little  unsure about trying something so new! However when Crown sent us in it’s new range  of metallic paint we started to come round to the idea.

Crown who’s motto is  It’s not just paint.  It’s personal. Really have put a lot of personal thought into colours which are going to suit your home.

After all the preconceived ideas we had about metallic paint, for example the colours when they go on look awful and they are very hard to get back off again, were squashed, as these not only stayed true to the colour which is shown but when it needed to be covered over it was easily done.

Below are a few ways you can use Metallic paint:

1 – Make a statement wall.  Take one wall (no more) choose your favourite colour and paint it, yes it is as simple as that! This will make your room stand out but not look  over the top. We used the bronze colour and painted the wall which had a wood burning stove and instantly we began to feel warmer and noticed just how much the room changed.

2. Get those stencils out! Kids will love to use crowns metallic paint, with an array of fun colours, get yourself some stencils and make your wall look and feel original.

3. Use when crafting.  Do you love to craft or have items around the home that could do with a little pizza? Get your tin of metallic paint and start being creative! Kids can join in and what’s more you can transform something that was old and shabby to something unique and beautiful.

Crown’s metallic paint takes around 2-4 hours to  touch dry and if you need to re-coat you can do so after around 4 hours.

For every 1 litre of paint used, you should be able to cover around 16 square metres of wall – as they saying goes – ‘a little goes a long way’.  With over 14 colours to choose from you can be sure to find one you love.

How will you be decorating your home for winter? We are already eyeing up the the reds & pink range – we are thinking a red wall with cream flowers for a pattern?

Send us your ideas and tips when using metallic paint using our comments box below.

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