The Return Of Sherlock Holmes

Season three of Sherlock Holmes consisted of just three episodes and we were left on a cliffhanger once more.

If you haven’t seen the last episode of Sherlock Holmes, then click off this page! we’re about to give you an episode recap of the last episode of series three.

In the beginning of the episode, Sherlock was seen in a drug den with other drug addicts as he was on an undercover mission.  When he returned home, it looked as though Sherlock had found love, after he is being romantic with a lady.  As soon as we thought Sherlock had fallen in Love, we knew there was something suspicious going on.

You see Janine, (Sherlocks fake love interest) is in fact his new nemesis – Magnussen’s – PA, and so Sherlock is trying to get close to Janine to get to his latest enemy.

Magnussen is the master of blackmail, he claims to have a vault where there are stolen and secret files.  Sherlock has a secret agenda – to blackmail the master himself into allowing sherlock access to the vault to destroy a specific file.

At this point we should mention that Sherlock is shot and almost dies by a not so secret assassin.  The Assassin who just so happens to be John Watsons new (and pregnant) wife.

Mary as it turns out is not her real name. ‘Mary’ was once an assassin and has her own agenda to get the files from Magnussen to protect herself and her new husband John Watson. Unfortunately for Sherlock, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and Mary shot him to stop him from getting the information from Magnussen.  Mary then phones an ambulance to save Sherlock after deliberately missing the fatal shot.

In the end, Sherlock survives the shooting, and while John Watson finds out about Mary, Sherlock urges him to forgive Mary and in the end, Mary is forgiven as she chose to save Sherlock.

The ending saw Sherlock and Watson heading over to Magnussens home, where they are able to blackmail the man himself. As it turns out however, Mugnussens ‘vaults’ are all in his mind, and he has a very good memory. The only way to destroy the files, is to destroy Magnussen himself, which is exactly what Sherlock does.  Sherlock fatally shoots Magnussen, and helicopters surround him.

Fear not, Despite the fact that Sherlock has killed a man, the police have reasoned that placing him in jail would cause more problems than good. They strike a deal that Sherlock will go on an undercover mission forsix months in Europe and will never return.

Just as Sherlock flies off, Moriarty seems to have returned with every television channel showing his face and the words ‘Missed me?’ Sherlock is then asked to return to resolve the case and bring him to justice.

What will happen in series 4? Who knows, but our spies tell us series 4 could be aired before Christmas 2014!

Shh… it’s a secret.

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