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The Santa Debate

This article should be read when there are no kids around!!!!

Does Santa fly through the sky on his sleigh pulled by 8 flying reindeer’s as the man with the big white beard delivers presents to children all over the world?

Magically no one has ever seen this jolly old chap and who knows which birthday he’ll be celebrating this year and still we believe!

I can categorically confirm that the team at underthechristmastree believe wholeheartedly that Santa does exist and that on Christmas Eve he’ll load up his sleigh and feed the reindeer some amazing food that helps them fly before setting off on his journey.

This is what I told my children when they were small and would have no hesitation whatsoever in repeating it to grandchildren (one day) but what do you tell your little ones?

Do you, like me, tell a little white lie or do you believe that children should be told exactly what happens at Christmas.

Are you concerned, as many others seem to be that ‘lying’ to your children will lead to them feeling, as Brad Pitt did, a “huge act of betrayal”?

I can’t remember what age I was when the penny finally dropped but I certainly didn’t feel that my parents had lied to me or shocked that they hadn’t been completely truthful.

Kids gossip at school and information about these important matters pass down from elder brothers and sisters and on through the school grapevine down to the younger kids.

As they grew old enough to ask questions and ask if Santa really did deliver their presents we sprinkled some carpet freshener around a pair of boots, which we sat on the carpet in front of the fireplace, making it look like snowy footprints – proving without exception that ‘He’ really does exist.

Santa is and has always been a huge part of my family’s life and even now they know all about the North Pole etc we still gather together before opening the door on Christmas morning to see “if he’s been yet”

So, how do you feel about Santa Claus – will you continue to keep the ‘magic’ alive or do you feel that the spirit of Christmas can live on without the story?

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