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The top 12 Christmas YouTube adverts in 2017

John Lewis’ 2017 Christmas advert may have been met with mixed reviews however #MozTheMonster has come out on top of YouTube’s most viewed.

As always we love to wait until the Christmas period has truly came to an end to take a look back and see which Christmas ad preformed the best.

So who’s ad was the best of Christmas 2017….

1. John Lewis – #MozTheMonster – 9.6+ million views

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When seven year old Joe can’t get to sleep he befriends the noisy imaginary monster who lives under his bed. As they have so much fun together #MozTheMonster soon realises Joe is so tired he is falling asleep during the day.

For Christmas, Joe receives the gift of a night light which helps him sleep – but this does mean Moz disappears. John Lewis also backed up the 2017 Christmas with an array of Moz the Monster products.

2. Very – #GetMoreOutOfGiving – 8+ Million views

Second on the list and one which will surprise most of Very’s Get More Out Of Giving advert. A heart-warming story as Anna and toy wolf, Ulfie, spreads festive cheer by giving gifts to those she loves however when they try to deliver a present to Santa they find themselves in danger. Ulfie who manages to save Anna is then swept away over a waterfall with Santa’s present.

The ad ends with Ulfie – now back in toy form – being found by Santa who delivers him safely back to the little girl with a Thank-You note inside for his gift.

3. Marks & Spencer- #LoveTheBear – 6+ Million views

M&S teamed up with a treasured British icon to make a very special ad as Paddington Bear was unveiled as last year’s star of the advert.

Lasting just one minute and thirty six seconds , Paddington unknowingly saves Christmas for his friends and neighbours as he stumbles upon a burglar. Making the burglar see the errors of his way they both head back and place presents in personalised stocking and eat mince pies.

4. Sainsbury’s – #everybitofChristmas – 4.6+ Million views

Although met with some criticism by some over on twitterland, Sainsbury’s Christmas ad shows real people (not actors) singing about everything us Brits love and hate at Christmas. Written by lyricist Ben “Doc Brown” Smith and composed by Mikis Michaelides the song included everything from Brussel Sprouts to paper hats.

5. Argos – #ReadyForTakeOff – 3+ Million views

One of the very first to launch it’s advert, Argos pushed heavily it’s fast track delivery service to ensure everyone received their gifts in time for Christmas.

As hard working elves are preparing all the toys ready to be delivered for Christmas morning, one trusty elf spots the unthinkable – a toy (Teksta robot puppy) has been missed and it looks as though Tom Benson, age 9..and a half, in Newcastle may not receive his gift! Blustering through toys and snow, the Argos Elf manages to launch the toy where it falls into the back of Santa’s turbo sleigh just in time, phew!

6. Aldi – Kevin the Carrot – 2+ Million views

Aldi has once again pulled it out of the vegetable pack with it’s latest installment of Kevin the Carrot who finds love across the dining room table, introducing Katie the carrot!

A bit like Murder On The Orient Express, the train is packed with dangers which Kevin has to overcome. From flying Aldi Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut corks which murder the gingerbread man – will he be able to get to the love of his life. The advert was so popular the soft plush Kevin & Katie carrots sold out very quickly and when they introduced the limited edition baby carrots these sold out even faster.

7. Waitrose – #ChristmasTogether – 1.9+ Million views

Arriving in at number seven, Waitrose ad gave us all hope of a proper white Christmas. Setting the scene of people being snowed in at the remote Tan Hill Inn, Reeth, North Yorkshire, the highest pub in Britain. The power goes off and all that is left to do is pull together and make the most of what they have. In the end a huge feast is prepared and the lights come back on.

8. Apple – Christmas sway – 1.8+ Million

Another surprising entry in this years top viewed Christmas ads on YouTube. Creative agency: Media Arts Lab

9. Debenhams – #YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas Part 2 – 1.4+ Million views

Paying homage to the classic fairytale Cinderella and features actor Ewan McGregor in a cameo appearance as well as narrator the Debenhams advert takes us through a love story where a man tries to find a women he saw on the train.

10. Boots – #ShowThemYouKnowThem – 1.2+ Million views

The Boots Christmas ad shows how just a gift, chosen with thought can remind you of those special moments and memories.

11. BBC One – The Supporting Act – 1.1+ Million views

One of the biggest hit with viewers BBC One show how a dancing daughter has the performance of her life to prepare for and a very busy dad trying to organise Christmas preparations however when the big night arrives both come together and create a special moment of “oneness” BBC’s 2017 theme for 2017.

12. Tesco – #EveryonesWelcome – 518k views

Lastly on the list and beating other supermarkets such as Lidl and Morrisons, Tesco’s Everyone Welcome adverts show a more fun side to Christmas.

What festive advert did you enjoy most? and which one are you most looking forward this Christmas 2018?
we can’t wait for them all.

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