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The Wheels on the Bus App

A brand new app, The Wheels on the Bus from P2 Games was unveiled today.

Based on the popular ‘Music for Kids’ Jingle Puzzles the new app is an entertaining introduction to music for kids aged between 2 and 6 years.

Compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, this is the first of five which are to be released.

Featuring a selection of favourite nursery rhymes, the app is also packed with interactive content that offers a simple way for young children to learn to play music including:

  • practice playing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ on the playable keyboard
  • experiment with different sounds and record their own music
  • complete a range of interactive and animated puzzles which are based on a range of different nursery rhymes
  • colouring activities using different brushes and tools to colour different nursery rhyme scenes
  • create their own animated sticker sound board as they earn stickers from other activities as rewards

John Bassett, Creator of ‘Jingle Puzzles’ and children’s music specialist said “We are delighted that our popular Jingle Puzzles product is being launched as a series of apps.

Our boxed toy product has been a hit with families at home and now this brand new app will enable children to enjoy the basics of music and creative play in a new digital and accessible format.

A wonderfully high-quality app, The Wheels on the Bus will encourage children to learn to play music and give them an instant sense of achievement when each activity is completed.”

The Wheels on the Bus app, which is available for £1.49 from the App Store or at www.itunes.com/appstore, will keep children entertained, with or without parental support.

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