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The Year Of The Ssss-Snake

Sunday 10th February 2013 see’s the beginning of Chinese New Year, which will welcome in the snake as its official animal of the year and will wave a fond farewell to the dragon of the previous year.

The festival will continue until February 15th and is celebrated by eating special New Year food, visiting family and friends and setting off fireworks.  The closing on the 15th of February see’s lanterns being hung and red packages being given to each other as a token of well wishes.

The snake, or “junior Dragon” as it is referred to in China, is the sixth zodiac sign and it is thought that people born in the year of the Snake have many characteristics. They are thought to be cute, charming, elegant, mysterious and good at business among other things.

Why not set off your own lantern to mark the Chinese new year? children will love it!

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