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There’s a fuel fight but who will win?

Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s plus other UK supermarkets are putting on their boxing gloves or should we say disposable gloves and gearing up for a fuel fight this weekend.

Are you heading away this weekend? or coming back home from the Easter break? well before you go filling the car up check out each supermakets prices as most have reduced its diesel by up to 2p.

On 9th April at 11.11am, Sainsbury’s kicked of the tweeting war first with them announcing that across its 280 forecourts diesel would be dropped by up to 2p per litre. See Sainsbury’s tweet below:

Asda then responded on the same day at 12.21pm stating they too would be cutting diesel and drivers would not pay more than 137.7ppl. See the Asda tweet below:

Morrisons who also responded almost immediately at 12.45pm stating that a further 2ppl would be cut at all petrol stations.  Morrisons said this was it’s second time in 2 weeks. See the Morrisons tweet below:

So before heading out on your travels or to work make sure to check online to see who’s the cheapest.

Have you filled up your car? who will you be buying your diesel from? Comment using our comments box below:

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