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Tips for Christmas shopping from our festive friends

As we all know, Christmas shopping can be costly, timely and stressful, so we’ve rounded up the best tips shared to us by our festive friends over on social media.

Top Christmas Shopping Tips

We love hearing fantastic new ways to help with Christmas preparations, everything from gift buying to wrapping the most awkward of items, which is why we asked our festive friends over on social media for their top tip when it comes to Xmas shopping and they came up with a host of jolly-tastic ideas.

For Shalene (@ilove2bakecake) booking early supermarket slots can save a host of time:

The earlier the better says Loy (@0LoyLakes) and Nadine (@CanovilleNadine)

Social media users Christmas advice
Deadlines are key so you’re not too stressed come December says Christmas specials (@chrspecials)

Sharon says Christmas in July is a great time to start:

Sharon's advice from social media

Discounts and neutral gifts can save you money and have you prepped for unexpected guests suggests Andre (@andrew_bigg) and Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing! @SleepyKittyPaw:

Advice at Xmas from our festive friends

We also had some very funny tips which we may even take on board! such as this from Tracey over on Facebook:

‘Shop for everything on amazon and get them to gift wrap it, whilst you drink snowballs and watch christmas films!’

Our advice? With days such as Amazon prime coming up shortly, this could be a good time to snatch up a bargain. If you’re looking for more expert tips, check out our exclusive advice from money expert, Kate Pattinson, as she shares her top tricks for shopping on a budget here.

Have you got a Christmas shopping tip, suggest them in to comments box below as we’d love to read them. A huge thank-you to our festive friends for sending these of to us.

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