Tips to get your baby off to sleep at night

Are you having trouble getting your little one off to sleep at night? You’re not alone!

Almost 25% of children under 5 have problems sleeping and commonly refuse to go to bed at night or are awake during the night.

It won’t come as any great surprise to you that a constantly waking baby also disturbs your sleep pattern and makes it harder to cope during the day.

We’ve included a few different ideas that may be worth giving a try – no guarantees that they’ll work but worth giving a try.

Try to keep your baby as occupied as possible during the day.

Set a defined bedtime routine, bath, change into sleep suit, quiet time, nappy change, put to bed – try not to rock your baby off to sleep as this will also create a pattern that he/she will expect every night.

Massage is a great way to help relax your baby before putting him/her down to sleep, ensure you use suitable baby oil such as Johnston’s for massage.

A gentle lullaby playing is very soothing and will help lull them off to sleep, try making a playlist of your favourites – Rock a bye baby, twinkle twinkle little star, hush little baby and leave them to play as your little one falls off to sleep.

Babies who consistently have regular bedtimes and familiar going-to-sleep rituals usually go to sleep easier and stay asleep longer.

By sticking to your bedtime routine you will help set their body clock and your little one will learn the difference between day and night.

Make sure to his/her favourite stuffed toy, dummy, blanket etc goes to bed with them as not only does this smell of you but is something your baby will recognise as a security object.

If your baby starts to cry, leave it a few minutes and if the crying continues go through and (without lifting out of crib/cot) settle your baby down and leave. Be firm but gentle.

Reassure your baby that you are still around by going through at regular intervals which will encourage sleep, as time goes on increase the time between visits.

Remember a problem shared is a problem halved – so share this ‘problem’ with your partner that way you’re both guaranteed an occasional full night’s sleep.

Your baby will soon come to enjoy their bedtime routine and will happily go to bed and sleep through the night.

How do you encourage your little on to sleep? why not comment and let others know your secrets.

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