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Tips to help you Save for a Family Break

Are you trying to save some money so that you can take the kids on a family holiday?

It isn’t easy in this economic climate where many families find that every penny is a prisoner and there is little left to spend once the essentials are taken care of.

Going on holiday is probably not high on your ‘must do’ list this year but it would be nice to take the family away even for just a few days at the seaside.

Some simple steps may just help you make that dream a reality.  

Take a look at the ideas below which may help reduce your weekly spending a little.

1) Make up a weekly menu and write a shopping list from your menu, before you go shopping and stick to it.

2) Try making a few more ‘homemade’ meals such as soup or casseroles which cost much less than prepacked or frozen food and is both healthy and filling for all the family

3) Try using shop’s own brand items which are much cheaper than named brands.

4) Invite friends round for a glass of wine or supper – it’s much cheaper than going out and you won’t need to pay a babysitter.

5) Check your cupboards for unwanted items and put them up for sale on Ebay.

6) Turn off lights around the house wherever possible.

7) If possible leave the car at home and walk or cycle.

8) If you’re taking the kids out for the day prepare and take with you a picnic for all the family to enjoy.

9) Take a packed lunch to work with you rather than buy shop bought which can be expensive and never as nice as your homemade version.

10) Re evaluate your mobile phone package – do you really need all those free minutes every month?.

11) If you love to read, head off to the library, it’s a great place to take the children too and will encourage them to read – check out any story corners that are coming up, the kids will love them.

12) Take a look at your TV package – do you watch all the channels that you pay for?  Probably not, check if you can reduce your payment package and still hold onto the ones the family loves.

13) Finally, don’t forget all those money saving coupons that are available, you can even download them online and print them out.  You’ll be amazed at how much they can actually cut off your shopping bill.

Do you have any money saving ideas that could help others?, are you finding it more difficult to try and put away extra money? Share with others using our comments box below:

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