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Tips To Save Fuel

The price of fuel seems to be going up and up these days but some supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury’s & Morrison’s reducing the price by up to 2p, we take a look at few things that might just help cut down your fuel bill even further.

1. Try and make sure that anything unnecessary in your car is taken out for example anything you do not need in the boot of the car as the heavier your car is the more fuel it uses

2. If you like to rev your engine while you sitting at the traffic lights, you will waste fuel

3. If you are parked up, turn off the engine and restart it again when your ready as idling is a needless waste of fuel

4. Try and plan your trips, if you know that you are going on a trip try and plan your journey when there is not huge amounts of traffic on the road such as peak times as you can get stuck in traffic lights/jams and waste your fuel by waiting in a queue of traffic

5. Plan your journey, try and find the directions to get to your destination before you go to prevent wasting fuel on taking the wrong road and getting lost

These are just a few tips to try and help cut down the cost of your fuel bill. What are your tips for saving fuel? Comment below and let us know.

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