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Tips to save money on Back to School Items

We’ve put together some tips to help you save on back to school products.

It won’t be long now before the back to school list has to be completed and like many you may have left it to the last minute.

Before organising a school shopping day take a look at last term’s stationery, uniform etc, much of it may have hardly been used and a quick spruce up will see it ready for the new term.

If their uniform looks good and still fits, give it a steam clean and it will look like new again.

Sit down with the children and make a list of all those ‘must have’ items they need for school – you know the ones ‘I really must have a One Direction folder because Suzy’s got one and I’ll be the only one in my class without one’ items.

It’s lovely to make a day of it with the children, giving them a chance to choose there own pencils etc in their own style but kids have no idea about money and you may well spend less if you head out on your own.

When it comes to school uniforms take them along for a ‘try it on’ outing but don’t buy it (unless you’ve grabbed a bargain) until you’re on your own, this way their favourite and most expensive skirt,shirt,trousers etc can be substituted for something similar but less pricey.

Take a break and treat yourself to a coffee and while you’re there think just how much this (along with the compulsory chips) would have cost if you’d brought the family along.(ah – the joys of saving money!)

Buy bulk packs of pencils, pens, rubbers,etc and treat them to individual pencil cases – buying stationery in packs tends to be much less costly than single items.

Try shopping online – you’ll be surprised how much you can save but watch out for postage costs as this can add a hefty amount to your purchase.

If this is their first ever school uniform – don’t cry over every item – at least not till you get home, a red nose never was a good look.

Happy Shopping!

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