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Tips When Applying Powder

Want to know when you should add some powder to your make up routine? Here are a few tips  that might help:

  1. Apply some loose powder after you have applied your foundation and concealer and before you apply your eye make up
  2. Release powder into the top section of the powder container by gently tapping the bottom.
  3. Take a large fluffy brush or a powder puff and dip it into the powder. Then tap the brush slightly over the container to remove any excess powder
  4. Dust you face with powder. Stroke your face gently to cover all areas evenly
  5. Touch up your makeup throughout the day using pressed powder. Dab a small amount of powder onto a cosmetic puff and apply it to shiny areas or to places where your makeup has become thin

These are just a few tips to applying powder. What are your tips when applying powder? Comment below and let us know.

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