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To Prince George From the People of Scotland

The people of Scotland will send Prince George a soft Cuddly Clyde toy as a gift and two charities will also receive £25,000 donations to celebrate his birth.

Prince George will be able to wrap his arms around a cuddly Clyde toy, which will be a miniature version of the animated green thistle and is also the 2014 Commonwealth Games mascot.

Also two charities will also benefit off the birth of the new baby as The STV Appeal, which helps children and young people affected by poverty will be able to share £50,000.

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond said: The birth of any baby is a wonderful event and we want to mark the birth of Prince George with an appropriate gift from the people of Scotland.


“It’s only right to continue the legacy of the royal wedding by giving a charitable donation to celebrate Prince George’s arrival.

Two charities will receive a share of £50,000 on behalf of the people of Scotland, Foundation Scotland and The STV Appeal; charities that make a remarkable difference, particularly to the lives of Scotland’s children through the likes of Barnardo’s Scotland, CHILDREN 1st and Aberlour.

“We will also make sure that Prince George can be part of the build-up to the Commonwealth Games by sending him a special Cuddly Clyde’ mascot of his own, sporting a stylish hand knitted jumper by Doreen Brown who created the knitwear that made Shetland ponies a global sensation.”

The Prince of Wales also received baby gifts from well wishers at the Highland games event which also included a “Hi grampa” gift.

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