Toothpaste to make your silver shine…. Fab spring cleaning tips and ideas

Did you know we spend £1 billion a year on cleaning products in the UK?now that’s a lot of loo cleaner and and polish, however a new book inspired by the Channel 4 series SuperScrimpers, we could be using products which we either already have in our cupboards or can buy much more cheaper than expensive cleaning products.

From cleaning the loo and pots with own branded cola to stuffing newspaper into gaps between bags of food to stop the freeze cooling empty spaces and working more efficiently.

Below are some of their handy ideas and tips:

Get your saucepans sparkling – hate burnt on stains? well simply pour own-branded cola into the pan, boil, stir and remove from heat. As you pour away the burnt cola you should be left with a polished pan!

Create your own surface cleaner – mix together one part distilled vinegar and two parts water add a squeeze of lemon juice and this will cut through any dirt and grime on floors, cupboards, bathrooms and more.

Get a fruity smelling fridge – cut a lemon in half, scoop out the contents and fill the shell with salt and pop it back in the corner of the fridge, this will leave it smelling fresh.


Whiten your grouting – black grungy looking marks on the grouting? some thick bleach and a tooth brush is all you need to get it back to gleaming white. Simply dip the toothbrush int he bleach and scrub the grout between the tiles. Once done wipe away with a damp cloth.

Get the loo looking new again – pour a liter of own branded cola down the toilet, leave for an hour or more, then scrub and flush away.

Have wonderful washed windows – add a bit of vinegar to some scrunched newspaper and start wiping – it works! we at UnderTheChristmasTree have tried and tested this one.

Get silver shining – buy some cheap toothpaste, liberally coat the tarnished silver with toothpaste and with an old toothbrush gently work over the surface, rinse and buff dry with a soft cloth.

Brighten up your carpet –  carpet looking a little dull? go straight to your baking cupboard and get out the bicarbonate of soda.  Sprinkle over the carpet, leave for around 15 minutes and then vacuum away.

Check own brands prices and buy Spring cleaning essentials from: Asda Groceries

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You can watch SuperScrimpers on Channel 4 on Thursday’s at 1.45pm

Have you got any fab spring cleaning tips or ideas?   Share with others below in the comments box.

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