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Top 10 Fun Ways You Can Exercise at Home Without Gym Equipment

See how you can have fun exercising at home without having to buy any gym equipment with our top ten ideas.

Finding extra money to buy the latest fat burning equipment, gym membership or the one item to help get you fit in just 24 hours gimmick is not easy, however by simply  looking around your home you will be able to find “cost free gym equipment”

It’s not all about buying the latest Zumba DVD or cross trainer but more about tins of tomato soup, stairs and even a hoover – yes it sounds strange but it will work!

Below are UnderTheChristmasTree top 10 fun ways you can exercise at home WITHOUT buying expensive Gym Equipment:

1) Hoover: We all have to do the hoovering a few times a week and while it can be boring and mundane it can also help to burn some calories. Simple steps such as increasing movement and even using your other hand, can all help us get fitter. No more will hoovering be a waste of 15 minutes but more of a daily workout session!

To make it just that little extra fun get your music player in and dance along to the musicjust don’t let the neighbors see you!

2) Stairs/Steps: Have you got stairs or even some steps outside? Then using these as your step aerobics can work just as well as a board.  Get your trainers on and start stepping. When it is sunny you can go outside and do this too.

3) Tins of tomato soup? It doesn’t have to be tomato, chicken would do too! Whatever tin you have in the house grab a few and start boxing.  No need for heavy weights which you will probably lose at some point, so save the money and use tins out of the cupboard.


Running on the spot, doing step aerobics, dancing, and many other exercises can incorporate tins.  Start with lighter items and build it up.

4) Kids: If you are a parent or have friends with children you will know just how much energy they have, so why not play a few games such as chase and hide-and-go-seek with them. Not only will you be running around for ages but the kids will love it too.

5) Leg Lifts: Waiting on the kettle? Why not stand on the spot and lift your leg up high, doing this a few times can help strengthening the legs and even help tighten your bum!

To make it a little more fun – try and do a certain amount on each leg before that kettle clicks!

6) Chair/Wall: Grab your seat or even lean against the wall and do some push ups, no need for any fancy gym equipment and you can do this a few times throughout the day.


7) Hula hoop without the hoop: Easy as swiveling your hips in a circle – oh wait that’s exactly what to do! Hold your arms out and circle your hips like you are hula-hooping.

8) Sit-Ups: Put your feet under the couch or even under your mattress and start doing those sit ups, play music or put on your favourite TV programme to make it more fun!


9) Cutting the grass: Getting outside to cut grass, pot the plants and wash windows all help to get you fit and healthy and what’s more you are doing all of those little jobs that actually needed done.

10) Dancing: Dancing is one of the best forms of fun fitness, you can do this everyday and even when you go on a night out, get your dancing shoes on and show off your moves.

The gym is not for everyone especially if you are a busy parent who not only has kids to look after but a job, household duties and more.

You can incorporate these fun exercises which are cost effective and you can do these in your own time throughout the day and more to the point you can hop straight into the shower when your done.

Do you do exercises at home using no gym equipment? Would you try any of these fun tips? Comment using our easy comments box below:

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