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Top Garden Trends For Christmas 2015 From Award Winning Expert Louise Burks

Christmas displays in the garden are becoming increasingly popular, so we wanted to give you the lowdown on what’s hot for 2015.

This years themes will make you feel that you’ve jumped into a magical woodland full of sparkle, colour and tradition from Champagne gold, turquoise and of course the very on trend copper tones.

We spoke to Louise Burks, award-winning industry, Christmas expert for the virtual garden centre www.potterandrest.co.uk and she gave us her insight into what is going to be popular in Christmas displays this year, she said:

“There is a strong trend for copper colours this year, so there are a lot of decorations with themes of copper, bronze and browns. There are also specific products getting in on the trends, such as copper lanterns.

“Gold is always a very good colour for Christmas decorations especially the soft champagne gold, rather than the European yellowy gold.

“Silver is still a strong colour especially when used in contemporary decorations. This year we will be seeing silver mixed with reds. Blue lights seem to be going out of fashion. White lights are still strong especially the warm whites for indoors (as opposed to the icy whites).

“Carrying on from last year, another popular colour theme for Christmas 2015 is decorations in peacock colours such as purple, turquoise and greens.  Products that feature penguins and polar bears are very popular still too.”

There you have it! So the next time your visiting the zoo, a woodland or sipping on a glass of champagne take note of colours, surroundings and incorporate these into your Christmas decorations when buying for the garden.

What will you be decorating your garden with this Xmas 2015? Let us and others know below!

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