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Top Home Activities for Kids

Are you having a staycation this year?  More and more Brits are choosing to holiday at home this year but how do you keep the kids happy over the long school summer holidays?

Visiting theme parks, zoo’s etc is great fun for everyone but as many of us are counting the pennies this year these days out can become quite costly.

Create some fun days with the kids at home, why not try some of our suggestions for home activities

A Treasure Hunt is always popular, so hide some small packets of sweets or small toys around the garden and give them each a sheet with clues to find the prize

Create a sports arena in the garden and make some rosettes for the winners (along with a sweet instead of flowers)

Kids love camping – so set up a tent in their bedroom that they can use throughout the day and sleep in at night.

Visit your local museum – many are free to enter for both adults and children.

Take them on a nature walk –give them small notebooks and pens to jot down everything they see.

Take a walk along the river/canal/stream and have a picnic on the grass verge

Dust off some board games that haven’t seen the light of day for ages and play with them

Get them into the kitchen to make the lunchtime sandwiches etc.

If it’s a sunny day turn on the garden hose – they’ll have so much fun running through it and splashing each other.

Gather together some old clothes (if you’ve had a clear out you can get some from charity shops for very little) and get the kids to write and act out a play – include their friends and ask some family and friends over to watch – arrange your chairs so that you look like an audience.

Get the kids to decide what the family will do for the day, make sure they organise everything including the sandwiches and juice if heading out – you may well be surprised at what they really do want to do.

Have fun together!

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